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I hope you enjoy my novels as they take you on new adventures​ to other places & other times. 


Front Cover A Time of Lies
Front Cover A Time of Chaos
Front Cover A Time of Ever After

From the depths of international espionage to the highest echelons of power in America, the 'A Time of...' series plunges readers into a thrilling world where truth and deceit intertwine. Follow Commander Brian McCarty as he navigates a labyrinth of political intrigue and personal betrayal across three gripping novels.


Beginning with his struggle to overcome a personal tragedy and an accusation of treason in A Time of Lies, through the political upheaval and chaos of A Time of Chaos, to the ultimate showdown against a national threat in A Time of Ever After, this series offers a relentless ride through the complexities of loyalty, love, and the harsh realities of power.


Brace yourself for a journey through a series that explores the resilience of the human spirit and the price of heroism, making readers question where the line between right and wrong truly lies.



Front Cover The Life of Colin Phelps

A sweeping historical novel tracing a boy’s journey into manhood. Set against the backdrop of poverty in 1855 London to America where Colin is shaped by forces leading up to and including the Civil War.


Slavery, shipwrecks, treachery, murder, and enduring love.


A book to be savored and enjoyed.


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Author Kevin Kelley

Kevin has been active in his church, serving as past Treasurer, Trustee, and Sunday School teacher to 4th and 5th graders.


He is involved with several non-profit organizations and cherishes the time he can set aside to write.

Kevin and his wife Ronda lived in one of Boulder’s earliest homes, built in 1890. She is a founder of Peak to Peak Charter School and has developed an innovative education software program, for students of history and literature, Discourse in Time.

Kevin Kelley lives in Colorado where he works as a Financial Advisor. His writing draws from an extensive background of real-world experience. He lived in Germany, England, and Belgium while growing up, and his adult careers included five years as a Legislative Assistant to a high-ranking Member of Congress, five years as the Federal Relations Liaison for the City of Boston, heading their DC office, and over twenty years as an Investment Advisor in Boulder.

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